About us

In view of the importance of the major public health issues linked to nutrition, such as hypercholesterolemia, obesity or diabetes, Belovo is one of the few company to finally combine a nutritional and a pharmaceutical approach. Through this innovative and natural double approach, Belovo aims at providing easy but efficient solutions to tackle moderns metabolic syndromes associated to changes in the eating habits.


Through its Nutrition division, Belovo has mainly developed the Columbus Concept. Relying on more than 15 years of research and four clinical studies, the Columbus products are medically recognized as the healthiest alternatives available in their respective segments. Owing to there unequalled equilibrium in fatty acids, Columbus products allow you to maintain your blood cholesterol level and to rebalance your diet while still enjoying there delicious flavours.

To date, this products are comprised of eggs, pork meat and more than 15 derivatives of meat products, and are available in nearly all supermarkets in Belgium. You can finally enjoy eggs and porc again, regardless of your blood cholesterol level!


Through its Health division, Belovo focuses on the development of efficacious treatments based on natural molecules of high quality, whose scientific effects were proved by numerous clinical studies. 

Soluchol is the only dietary supplement available in Belgium that officially allows you to reduce your blood cholesterol level without any side effect. Composed of a unique mix of Phytosterols and Phospholipids, Soluchol finally offers a much needed alternative to red rice yeast and significantly lowers your cholesterol level in only 3 weeks! 

With this same innovative thinking, other products are currently under development.