Our Mission

As a result of the current dietary imbalances observed in our society, the prevalence of numerous pathologies such as obesity and hypercholesterolemia is continuously increasing. The latters trigger a considerable intensification of cardiovascular diseases, which remain the first causes of death to date. Malnutrition has become a public health problem that requires rapid solutions.

Given this observation, Belovo is commited to deliver simple, natural and sustainable solutions that improve these issues that concern all of us. Hence, by a double approach in Health and Nutrition that brings together equilibrated basic food products and the precision of pioneering dietary supplements, Belovo has placed health at the heart of its strategy.

Today, the expertise of Belovo in terms of Nutrition & Health is recognised by a large number of practitioners of the medical and scientific worlds, consumers and associations. Each new product is formulated with this aim of quality and health. Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated the benefits of Columbus products on your health.