Our Values

Societal approach

Belovo is commited to a genuine societal approach, as it considers social and environmental preoccupations at all time while performing its nutrition's' activities and its pharmaceutical developments.

This approach is conducted with all partners, clients, suppliers and stakeholders.

Sustainable development

Belovo's main objective is to bring together economical, scientific and social progresses, while protecting the environment for current and future generations.

A local and equitable agriculture

  • Belovo works with local stakeholders, who only use nature friendly production techniques and rigorously follow government guidelines.         
  • Belovo ensures a fair income for farmers, as well as long lasting contracts.

Through these, Belovo offers a real alternative for responsible purchases.


Belovo aspire to creating and implementing new solutions in a wide array of fields, that range from agricultures, nutrition and pharmaceutical sciences.

This innovation aims to:

  • Put on the market new, innovative or significantly improved products;
  • Develop an in-house management for innovation, based on internal measures too improve efficacy and efficiency at all levels. 


Belovo is commited to respect the highest and strictest ethical principles.